The Centre Cannot Hold

The law of excluded middle, a traditional principle within logic, negates the existence of a middle ground between truth and falsity. To quote Bertrand Russell: "Everything must either be or not be."

This series of work harnesses the notion of an excluded middle as a location of linguistic ambiguity. It seeks to encounter this immaterial "center" through internalized contradictions- where truth and its negation circulate. Functional objects are rendered dysfunctional, the margin between found and constructed object is obfuscated, and materials are paired in tension. The physical center within the work remains tangled, wavering between safety net and trap. 

Reference to physical sites of "a middle" literalize this "between" as a location. A well connects the subterranean and ground; a raft is a platform that floats between land masses. The womb is the empty center which contains the potential for reproduction. In this way, as Rosmarie Waldrop notes, the woman is the elemental "excluded middle."

"But the four points of the compass are equal on the lawn of the excluded middle where full maturity of meaning takes time the way you eat a fish, morsel by morsel, off the bone." 

Rosmarie Waldop

Natalie Register

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